Why Choose Mediation?

Family mediation can provide you with:

The opportunity to assess whether there is a possibility of a co-operative outcome to your dispute.

A process that tends to be less costly, less confrontational and less antagonistic than the alternatives such as via solicitors, barristers and / or court proceedings and improves the chances of long-term co-operation within your family.

The opportunity to help you control the pace and content of mediation rather than your futures being decided by lawyers, legislation or the court.

A process that reduces hostility and improves the chances of long-term co-operation within your family by resolving shared problems and sorting them out.

A process that is less stressful for you and therefore, indirectly, for your children.

A process that focuses on the interests of your child(ren) – helping you to work together as parents, recognising and meeting the needs of each child together

The opportunity to look to the future, not focussing on the past as a family.

A process that usually takes place face to face, so you can hear and consider each other’s words and are able to speak directly, rather than through text messages, emails and solicitors’ letters that can be easily misinterpreted.

A process that tends to be quicker, more cost-effective and less stressful than dealing with disputes through legal representatives and the court process.

A process that allows your family to create a flexible and bespoke set of proposals, tailored to fit your family’s situation and needs.

Sophie, Weybridge

“Thank you so much. Prior to mediation, me and my ex could barely look at each other and would always find ways of blaming each other. We just could not agree on hardly anything to do with our boys. We were stuck in the past and how we had hurt each other in our marriage. Our mediator at Clarity Works had a way of talking to us and asking questions that would help us to discuss the issues that really mattered to both of us regarding our children. We were able to agree on arrangements for our 2 boys that have worked out best for us as parents and most of all for our boys. We are now civil to one another and realise that it is essential for the well-being for our family.”

Kunle, Woking

“I had no idea about the power of mediation and the difference it would make to me and my children’s lives both now and in the future. We are so relieved that we avoided the courts and were able to resolve our issues in a more amicable and effective way. Thank you.”

Joseph, Farnborough

“I really did not know what to expect with mediation and felt terror just thinking that I would lose out so much - my children, the family property and my financial situation. I was wrong. Mediation helped us both to understand what was possible by looking at all sorts of options to make the most of what we had to offer as parents. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough, but we worked it out together with the assistance of our mediator. I now feel relieved and know that we have made good decisions together for our family’s future.”

Valencia, Chertsey

“One of our daughters has special needs. We were able to discuss and agree in mediation how we will tackle the challenges she faces. Our mediator created an atmosphere that made me feel secure. I felt that she was sensitive to our vulnerabilities. She knew when to be tough with us, when to empathise which helped us to appreciate what challenges we were facing as individuals and as a family. She did not judge us but helped focus our minds on our children and how our separation had impacted on them. We were able to work out what we hoped for and what our concerns were as a family. We have put in place arrangements to restore our family as separated parents.”